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We realize our members are students first, and we want to see them succeed academically. As a Fraternity, we provide education to our scholarship officers on utilizing campus resources for academic assistance and encourage them to consistently evaluate their chapter’s activities in order to make sure the member experience is fostering an environment that champions academic success.  Learn more

Academics is one of Alpha Gamma Delta's top priorities here at the University of Kentucky. We provide opportunities and resources to help our members reach and achieve their academic goals often. In Alpha Gamma Delta, we hold our girls to the standard of keeping above a 2.5 GPA. This is one of the many requirements that keeps our chapter in good standing with the University and our International Headquarters. As members we hold ourselves to a higher standard because school is our top priority. We also rent our classrooms and study rooms for our members to use for group study or project We advise our members to use the resources given to us by the University, such as The Study, Academic Coaches, The Writing Center, etc. This next year we are starting a new system where we get the other members to help the younger members in classes they have already taken. This next year we will bring changes that will help pave your road to success and are excited to see how it will help our sisters academically. 


Abby Pruitt

Vice President of Academic Excellence