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A letter from our Director of Sisterhood:

Sisterhood is the unbreakable bond we formed from the minute we joined Alpha Gamma Delta. It means being loved and supported unconditionally. Our sisterhood means having someone there for you to celebrate your accomplishments, as well as comfort you on your absolute worst days. Whether that means going out to celebrate, or staying in for a much needed girls night, Alpha Gam sisters are there through it all.

Sisterhood means being accepted for who you are and always having a place where you truly belong. It’s the love and acceptance you feel whether you’ve spent an hour to get dolled up, or whether you’ve just woken up with insanely messy hair. It means being surrounded by sisters with different personalities who each bring something new to the table.

Our sisterhood is filled with many things. It's filled with uncontrollable laughter when we see how ridiculous we look with face masks on. It’s filled with positivity and nostalgia when watching throwback movies in the Nut House basement. It's filled with wonderful women who all add something so valuable and unique. Alpha Gam sisterhood is snuggling up around a campfire and sharing our funniest stories. It’s exploring new terrains, and hiking with your best friends. Alpha Gamma Delta’s sisterhood is filled with fun, love, laughter, and friendships, and it is a bond I wouldn't trade for the world.

All my love,

Paige Doud